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Alcoota Megafauna Display

Central Australia was home to some of the planet’s most unique megafauna including the world’s largest flightless bird, the world’s largest crocodile and the world’s largest wombat.

Central Australia’s unique fossil heritage will be put on display for tourists and locals at the Alcoota Megafauna Display which will be housed in the former Westpac Bank, Todd Mall.

The Alcoota Fossil Beds are located approximately 200km North East of Alice Springs, the site is one of three known vertebrae fossil sites in the Northern Territory. The fossil beds are a unique occurrence of well-preserved and often rare vertebrae fossils that are approximately 8 million years old.

A collaboration between the Northern Territory Government and the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) will bring the fossil collection to life, enable education opportunities and provide a key tourism attraction within the Alice Spring’s CBD.

The new facility will provide an educational experience around how prehistoric animals may have looked and the living conditions at the time and provide appropriate storage, preparation and research space.

The exhibition is expected to open by July 2018 with further enhancement and evolution of the exhibition over time.

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